At OPS, we believe everyone is entitled to their own opinion. Our hosts and guests discuss current news, politics, relationships, religion, culture, health, self-help, entertainment and more.

Lock N Load

Lock N Load host Bill Frady examines the world as it is supposed to be through a Constitutional lens, with a special focus on The 2nd Amendment, on the musings of Aristotle, and the writings of Locke.

Marcus Carey Perspective

Marcus Carey Perspective reviews vital topics in the news, applying some uncommon, common sense. Host Marcus Carey is a retired attorney and an organic farmer.

Right is Right

Right is Right with Comedian extraordinaire Jeremy Nunes and front porch pundit Joe Sixpack. Together they serve up steaming servings of common sense on today’s political and social(ist) scene, while stirring the pot with common sense! The theme: “Capitalism creates and Socialism stultifies. Therefore, Capitalism is cool, and Socialism sucks!”

NOQ Report

NOQ Report with JD Rucker and Tammy Rucker​ offers News, Opinions, and Quotes relevant to Americans today in the realms of politics, culture, and religion. In addition, host JD Rucker delivers truthful and intriguing commentary from a conservative perspective.

Reality Check

Host Charles Butler is a former neighbor of Barack Obama in Chicago’s Hyde Park neighborhood, where Mr. Butler’s daughter babysat the two Obama girls. Arch conservative Charles Butler had some heated differences of political opinion with Liberal Barack Obama.

Dr. Dan Show with Dan O’Brien, M.D.

Dr. Dan O’Brien is a physician, public health expert, researcher, author, and medical futurist. As a host, Dr. Dan brings his medical expertise and business savvy, as well as cutting-edge guests to discuss topics of interest to our health.

Life’s About Living with Dr. Chuck Page

This upbeat program helps equip people to overcome the unique challenges of our crazy culture, growing older, and leaving a legacy. Dr. Chuck interviews experts on topics that matter to us all. Together they share inspiring stories of those who are embracing life.

Special Ops with Jerry McGlothlin

Episodes of Special Opinions (Spec OPS) with host Jerry McGlothlin vary from the public issues of the day to private matters of heart and home. Jerry and his guests render special opinions in our quest to understand better the meaning of life and our place in it. So enjoy Spec Ops, and embrace your destiny!

Mornings with Martinez

Host Bill Martinez is the leading issues-oriented Hispanic Talk Show Host in America today. Interesting guests and topics put a refreshing spring in our morning steps.